• All products sold by MK2Shop are original and covered by the Compliance Warranty, which is valid all around Europe.

The warranty is valid for 24 months and it allows you to receive free support and restoration on all compliance problems on your product.


What is a compliance defect?

The product has manufacturing, aesthetic or functional, defect
The product is not suitable for the use expected by same type products
The product is incomplete and/or some parts are missing

The Compliance Warranty does not cover damages or malfunctions due to accidental facts or to the user's responsibility or to an non-complying use of the product in accordance to its end use and/or to the attached technical sheet.
The warranty for private citizens is 24 months; the warranty for companies is 12 months.


How to use the warranty

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Print the PDF document
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What happens next?


We will open case regarding your request after we process your form. If we need more information, we will contact you.


We will inform you about the available options and if a local assistance is present. Otherwise we will organize the product collection.


We will repair or replace the product, according to the case, within an appropriate time and without further expenses for the customer.

Warranty extension

You can do that on some products thanks to our cooperation with Clicca Sicuro.
To extent the warranty you only have to choose the desired time (1 - 3 - 5 years) in the cart.

At the order completion our partner will contact you directly via e-mail to activate the service.

Further terms are available on the website Simplesurance

    • The warranty validity depends on the completion of the activation procedure that calls for the payment to be made directly to the service supplier
The warranty from A to Z

All products sold on the website are covered by the Compliance Warranty in compliance with art. 128 and following of the Consumer Code. The warranty is reserved only to European customers. The seller is responsible for any compliance defect which is present at the delivery and which will appear within two years since the delivery. The warranty for companies is 12 months. If a product purchased on MK2Shop, during the validity of the Legal Warranty, shows a compliance defect, the user will have to provide a proof of the purchase date of the product. It is suggest that the user has the order confirmation or the receipt. To use the Compliance Warranty the customer will have to fill in the form, which is downloadable on this page, and send it via e-mail to: support@mk2shop.com. After we receive the communication, we will verify the presence of the compliance defect. If the defects appear within six months from the delivery date, the verification is always at the expense of MK2Shop, because it is assumed that they were present at the time of the delivery. After six months, if the functioning does not depend on a compliance fault, the seller could ask for a refund of the expenses bore to verify the defect. The cost will be communicated in advance. If a compliance defect is present, we will inform the customer about the available solutions. According to the product type and the compliance defect, these can be the good restoration or the free replacement. The customer service will inform the customer if a local assistance is available. If it is available, MK2Shop will give the customer all tools to use the assistance. If the local assistance is not available, MK2Shop will collect the product and send it to a competent customer service.

Warranty FAQ
Is the warranty official?

Yes, it is. All our products are covered by the manufacturer warranty and by the Compliance Warranty, which is valid all over Europe.

Is the warranty Italian or European?

The warranty on all MK2Shop products is valid all over Europe.

I have receive a non-complying product; what should I do?

Visit our page Warranty to get all information about Warranty and how to request for it.

My product does not work anymore; what should I do?

If you have had it for less than two years since the delivery, you can use the Compliance Warranty for your product. Visit our page Warranty to get all information about Warranty and how to ask for it.

Can I extent the warranty on my product?

Yes, you can, but only on some products. If it is available, you can extent the warranty for a wished duration during the purchase process. The service is offered by Simplesurance. If you chose to extend the warranty, at the order completion our partner will contact you directly via e-mail to activate and pay the service. For further information see the page Warranty.


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